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Precise machining

Our company provides customers with a precise machining of individual parts and components of various machines. We are constantly striving to meet the individual requirements of each and every customer and are fully able to answer their needs in the process.

We offer services in the following range:


Machining is a process of material removal from an object worked upon that forms a chip waste afterwords. Most machining is less expensive than processes like molding or casting. But then, machining tends to be more expensive for large scale production. Machining is essential where tight tolerances on dimensions and finishes are required. The milling process is one of the basic machining processes where the rotary movement is mad by the tool and a sliding motion is done by a tool or the object worked upon.


Turning is one of the process of basic machining. Turning is executed on a lathe machine where the tool is stationary and the part being worked upon is rotated. Lathes are constructed mainly for the purpose of turning operations, and to maintain control of the cutting results and keep it in tight tolerances. The object worked upon is mounted on the chuck, which rotates to the stationary tool.


Grinding is a finishing process devised to improve surface finishing to abrade hard materials, and lower the tolerance on flat and cylindrical surfaces and used to remove a small amount of material. When it comes to grinding, an abrasive material rubs against the metal part and removes tiny pieces of material. In scale, formation of the chip in grinding is alike any other machining process, therefore generating heat so that the cooling fluid is needed to maintain the process.

Project drawing and machine building according to specific client demand.

W offer services of project drawing of different types of tooling, parts or whole machines according to customer demand. Our constructors work with dedicated drawing software for 2D and 3D modelling - ProEngineer and AutoCad.

Creation of components and machine tooling

Our company mainly functions as a subcontractor for large production factories and offers:

• replacement of components and machine devices
• recovery of components and machine devices
• complete realization of machine components and other elements
• prototype projects and complete machine workmanship

We are proud to present our long lasting business partners:

• LG

Individual and series production

We provide all sorts of orders from 1 to 5000 pieces. We purchase the necessary material for the particular machining process according to our customer’s wish. We try our best to satisfy our clients with the the final product we provide as well as a short period of order completion. We usually provide our services with the use of the following materials:

• steel
• stainless steel
• aluminium
• variety of plastics (e.g. teflon)
• non-ferrous metals (bronze, copper)
• other metals (cast metal)

Precision measurement

Amongst other things we do precise measuring using our Tesa 3D MS343 measuring machine:

• X = 356 mm
• Y = 406 mm
• Z = 305 mm

Precision measurement

METOB Krzysztof Wójcik
Metal working and special machine building

• Precision machining of metal and plastic components
• Design and manufacture of parts and machinery according to customer - supplied specification
• Series production of details
• Repair and upgrade of parts of machines